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We re-invented the headband.

Back in 2014 we questioned why headbands were either stylish or practical, but never both. That lead us to invent the first ever multi-style headband. Cute, comfortable and highly versatile so you can get on with your day, with your head held high, no matter your life, style or hair challenges.

One headband. 14+ style possibilities.

Our Original multi style headband. Why would anyone wear a boring bland hurty headband when they can wear a go-anywhere, style-anyway, comfy head hugger like this?

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We take our social responsibility seriously. No sweat shops, ever.

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Shop our sustainable product range made from premium eco-friendly fabrics. 

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We’ve curated edits to inspire. From mat to track, travel to catwalk, we gotcha.

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With style options galore, check out some of our favourite looks.

Sustainable Traditional Tie Dyed Headbands

Environmentally friendly, one of a kind, traditionally tie dyed headbands. Small batch produced by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Made from eucalyptus trees using a revolutionary production system with almost no waste, TENCEL️ Lyocell is about as close to heaven as a fibre gets.

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