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Inspired by the head heart strong.

Our accessories are as versatile, thoughtful and strong as those who wear them. Made from high-quality long-lasting fabrics, our headbands and accessories are as functional and long lasting as they are gorgeous. We believe in effortless put-together-ness without sacrificing comfort.

We are inspired by the head heart strong following their own path. 

We are ready to discover what’s new. We are equipped to take on what’s next. We are multi-faceted, and we didn’t get this way by sticking our heads in the sand. We take care of ourselves. We take care of those we love. We take care of the world. We bring new life into this world and raise it up to find its place. We know strength can take the form of patience. And that we’re bravest in the moments we feel afraid.

BLOM was born in Bali! 👋

Back in late 2013 we headed to Bali, Indonesia to dream up a business we could call our own. We took our love of products that are both gorgeous and functional, and a huge passion for sustainability and social change, and set to work.

Many months of prototypes lead us to design the BLOM Original Headband - a unique design that can be styled in 14+ ways.

We found a great team of makers who were just minutes from where we were living and have been working with them ever since. We sold our first headband in March 2015.

Our team are now focused on growing our reach, bringing new designs to life and increasing our use of eco fabrics as soon as we can.

We hope you enjoy the head raising vibes of every BLOM product.

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